Thursday, November 13, 2014


I bit the bullet and joined a web host. Now, with the help of a friend I am building a website for my jewelry business.  All of this tech stuff is blowing my mind.  I can surf the web, tweet, post and even load a pic to all of my social media sites, but building a website is like learning a foreign language. I have not been very good at that in the past, so I am hoping that age will help me do better this time.  Know that I must analyze everything to the nth degree, Building this website isgoing to take me awhile.  If yo have done this, any advice you can give would be great.

Speaking of my jewelry business, I recently completed and delivered my first custom order for wedding jewelry. I will post pics on my business Facebook page(The Jewelry by Nan Shop) on. Presently I am working on jewelry for 2 upcoming shows.  November 16th is the Handmade Holiday Showcase and Dcember 6th is the holiday Hop Pop Up Show.

In another part of my world, dealing with mom is like dealing with a child, some days good and some days not so good.  If you take care of an aging parent also, you will understand and identify with that statement.  Dementia is a very worthy opponent and I battle against it daily.  On some days my mom seems lucid and present; others I have no idea who she is.  I took her out to lunch and to a movie with a friend of mine and her grandchildren, 2 days later she had no recollection. She has lived in her house for 50+ years and does not remember where to put dishes.  I am learning to let go, pray and stop trying to treat her like my mom.  I don't mean not loving and caring for my mom, I mean to not expect her to know things my mom knew, because she doesn't.  A good portion of her memories didn't happen. She will tell you she's been to Africa and that she met Princess Di, but neither of those things happened.  It's sad some days and really funny other days.  

My life is blessed, and I thank God everyday for saving my life. And because of that I reach out to help others.  If this is helping you because you are in a similar situation, then my job is just starting.  Hang in there, God is not done with us yet.